Capacity building on finance…. Preparing for inclusive growth

  • To make the microfinance services pro people & more efficient, AMPL has been taking various operational & capacity building strategies in a regular process & at the time of need. In this regard, the SIDBI’S support to undertake financial literacy program has robust the initiative.
  • Five new branches were opened in remote pockets of western & southern Odisha in the fy-2016-17 & un-served poor and marginalized clients were supported.
  • Adequate staff were deployed at the branch/field level & provided with better logistic support.
  • Sixty awareness camps were organized at the sixty branch level to sensitize clients on various financial products, its availing procedure, repayment schedule and maintaining credit worthiness.
  • As many as 120 village level camps were organized under the exclusive facilitation of two mf consultants to motivate & counsel clients on demonetization and orient them about the right process to handle the situation.
  • To make the mf operation process more effective and pro-clients, opinion survey of clients as well as staff were taken and on the basis of outcome steps have been initiated to monitor the transactions / communications between clients & staff through tele calling from HO.
  • Financial literacy awareness cum orientation exercises were undertaken to literate 4500 clients.