Objectives Of The Policy

  • Develop a comprehensive Fair Practices Code to adopt guidelines provided by regulator, self regulatory organizations and global standards of client protection principles.
  • Formulate operating guidelines for implementation of Fair Practices Code in an effective manner.
  • Disseminate the policy guidelines in an effective manner to all stake holders in general and to customers & employees of Adhikar in particular.
  • Review & reinforcement mechanism to ensure high level of adherence to Fair Practices Code.
  • Mechanism for constantly receiving feedback/grievances from customers in order to improve the implementation of Fair Practices Code.

Code Of Conduct

  1. All our dealings with customers will be open, fair and ethical.
  2. We will treat all our customers with respect and dignity.
  3. We shall inform customers prior to the provision of financial or non-financial services regarding the following points in a clear & understandable manner :
    1. All the features, benefits, procedures, systems and terms and conditions of our services.
    2. Pricing of our services including all charges and effective interest rate
    3. All documents required to be submitted for loan application
  4. We will make our best efforts to answer queries by our customers to their satisfaction.
  5. We will provide acknowledgement of receipt of loan application
  6. We do not charge any fees for the trainings provided for loan disbursement.
  7. We will make our best efforts to ensure that the loans we provide are within the customer’s capacity to repay.
  8. We will ensure that the rates of interest & charges are in accordance with RBI guidelines
  9. We will not follow coercive collection practices like :
    1. a) Collecting from customers at odd hours and during bereavement or sick ness.
    2. b) Displaying rude or aggressive behavior.
  10. We will provide valid acknowledgement for all payments received
  11. We will ensure that changes in interest rates / charges will take effect only for future loans.
  12. We respect our customers’ privacy and will treat customer information as private and confidential.
  13. We will provide customers with a grievance redressal system to register their complaints and resolve it in a timely & fair manner.
  14. We will communicate all the terms and conditions in vernacular language to the borrower.
  15. We will hold all financial transactions only in the branch at a centrally designated place.
  16. We will collect from Borrower documents required for identity, age and address Proof as per KYC guidelines provided by the RBI.
  17. We will not charge penalty for either delay or prepayment of loans.
  18. We will not return the Loan application forms to the members as it is the property of the organization.
  19. We will take all reasonable care to prevent inappropriate staff behavior and will be accountable for the same.
  20. Penalties may also be imposed on the field staff in cases of non-compliance with the Code of Conduct.
  21. We do not use recovery/ outsource Agents for Loan recovery