From Housewife to Successful Enterpreneur

Arpita Behera, Bachhipur, GP-Srimantapur, Block-Baranga, Dist- Cuttack, is one of the many successful examples of Adhikar Microfinance where she is able to use her loan money successfully not only to earn sustainable income for herself but also to provide employment to 5 others in her tailoring shop. Arpita has a family of 5, including her husband Ganesh and 3 daughters. It is not that her family was struggling for income. Her husband has a reasonable source of income. But she had the intention of doing something on her own. The only road block was lack of funds. She heard of Adhikar Microfinance which is providing financial support exclusively to women entrepreneurs. After discussion with Adhikar Microfinace officials, Arpita SHG was formed. She got a loan amount of 1.9 lakh on 28 January 2015. With this money, she purchased 3 stitching machines and one Zigzag machine. She also spent some part of the loan amount towards the security of the rented shop. Now in her tailoring training center, 5 girls are working under her and also giving training to others. She is earning 10,000 excluding her employees salary. When we asked her about the support of Adhikar Microfinance, she, in a jubilant mood, told us that my enterprising mindset would not have come true without the support of Adhikar, I would have been sitting idle in my home with no option. She also expressed that more and more women should come forward who have enterprising mindset, instead of sitting idle in their houses.