Adhikar was convinced of Financial Inclusion as the powerful tool for social transformation and intensely focused on this from the year 2000 onwards. Access to financial resources can empower the community to address multiple critical issues be it income generation, housing, drinking water, lighting, asset building, communication, women empowerment etc. Adhikar delved in micro finance with a humble beginning as it was struggling to access resources to scale up the credit lending operation.


From 2004  till 2010, the mF activity took wings and grew to be a sustainable path of growth serving more than one lakh households with a portfolio of 60 Crore during the peak period. The year 2010, brought sudden and serious roadblock to the venture through a national crisis in mF sector. The large mF organizations faced serious problem in lending activities and met with severe financial crunch along with restrictions in operations. Adhikar also faced the similar problems of fund crunch and continuing the operations. The perseverance of Adhikar paid off and the trust of serving community helped turn the tide. The tough times during the crisis period compelled Adhikar to be innovative and introduce new and well researched products which proved to be quite successful. This led to robust and strategic improvisations which proved successful in the long run. Adhikar shifted from the traditional way of lending to Issue based financial product designing suitable to meet the specific needs of the community. The poorer communities benefitting from these financial products are fishermen, artisans, farmers, other small entrepreneurs.


During the early part of 2013 the situation gradually improved. The trust of partner agencies like banks and other financial institutions returned and the operations grew rapidly. Today Adhikar has reached out to 2.5 lakh families providing not only credit but also other services like savings, insurance, remittance. Other services include individual and group counseling on products and services, capacity building to start enterprising activities. Adhikar has 62 branches throughout the state operating in remote and difficult areas with marginal presence of other financial institutions. As of now, the organization has served more than 25,000 Self Help Groups, reaching out to vulnerable households spreading across 21districts of 3 states. The organization has an outstanding portfolio of 110 Crores. Cumulative disbursement till date is more than 1000 Crores.