Even as the poor are vulnerable to workplace injuries, few are covered under formal insurance. Adhikar Microfinance focused on covering this vast untouched population with microfinance and micro-insurance products (comprehensive life cover and financial security). Every customer has been covered under group insurance with joint life cover (including the spouse).

The benefit of Insurance is limited up-to the tenure of  loan and insurance premium is 0.94%, 1.4% & 1.85% of loan amount for 12 month, 18 month & 24 month loan tenures respectively.

This insurance benefit is available only in case of death of either the members or their spouse or both. In case of death of a member or her spouse, the insurance company will pay the repaid loan amount to the nominee or member (as the case may be) and Adhikar will receive the amount equal to the unpaid principal balance of the loan. The above mentioned coverage will be effective after completion of one month from the date of disbursement of loan and thereafter no changes can be made in the insurance policy.


The National Pension Scheme (NPS) aims to provide retirement benefits to every citizen of India. NPS main objective is to ensure financial security to every citizen by encouraging them to contribute to their old age saving. NPS seeks to instill the habit of saving for retirement. It covers individuals belonging to State Government, unorganized informal sector and economically disadvantaged under the name “Swabalamban”Scheme. Adhikar Micro Finance is one of the Aggregators of PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority), Government of India, New Delhi.

Workers from the unorganized sector excluded from P.F, C.P.F., are covered under the schemes. Adhikar has enrolled more than 15,000 members under this scheme mainly from sectors like Construction workers, Anganwadi workers, Weavers, Fishermen, Dairy workers etc.



This is to notify that Adhikar intend to refund contribution money of 572 subscribers as PRAN of those subscribers not generated. As the subscribers are not traceable as per the address available with us, we request here please contact us by seeing the notification.

To get the list of subscribers whose PRAN is not generated please click the link.

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