Opportunity is become a skilled producer & marketer

Santilata Senapati, Khairapada, GP-Kalyanpur, Dist- Khordha, has a family of 4, including her husband and 2 sons. Her husband, Sadasiva Senapati was working as a technician in Baranga Glass Factory. After the collapse of the Baranga Glass Factory, he was one of the hundreds of workers who lost their daily livelihood and left high and dry. In spite of repeated requests to both Government and Factory administration to provide other source of income or compensation, nothing happened. Sadasiva had the expertise in glass cutting. In the meantime, Santilata got to know about Adhikar Microfinance, helping exclusively to women entrepreneurs. After consultation with Adhikar Microfinance officials, Gayatri SHG was formed. Total loan amount of 1.55 lakh was released to group, having 8 members. She got a loan amount of 95,000 on 22 March 2013 and second installment of 20,000 on 22 December 2014. With this amount, she and her husband purchased a glass cutting machine and other items related to glass-making business. She and her husband started producing glasses, plates, paper weights and other glass-related equipment and sell them in the nearby Bhubaneswar and Cuttack market. The most important thing is that, they have already repaid 10 installments back to the Adhikar Microfinance and earning 5 to 6 thousand per month. Santilata, in her message to us, thanked Adhikar for its support to her family in the form of small loan when it was most-needed.