According to national census of 2011, in Odisha, 86% of the population lives in rural villages and only 10% population has access to piped water. The rest are exposed to water borne diseases and unhygienic living conditions in the absence of reliable water supply.Adhikar, dedicated to the cause is working on ‘creation of low cost infrastructure for accessibility of water and toilets’. Initially we are working in 9 districts of the state and planning to expand it to 8 more districts shortly. We are focusing on Water, Sanitation &Hygiene(WATSAN) with concept of water credit with an objective to create better living condition for affected women in particular and the whole family in general. The innovative initiative is termed as “JeevanDhara”. The three pronged approach include a)community mobilization, b) community client training and c) orientation and Loan Administration. We have reached out to more than 10,500 women from more than 3000 SHG during this program with an existing outstanding portfolio of more than 2 Cr. We have supported construction of more than 3000 toilets. We have tied up with NABARD under CSR & Habitat India, New Delhi to construct low cost affordable toilets and piped water connection for the interior rural pockets where families will be encouraged to use safety latrines and clean water for their domestic purposes. Water & Sanitation(WASH) loans will be provided at low rate of interest for suitable periods depending on the repaying capacity of the clientele groups. In the next 3 years, we are planning to reach out to 40,000 women for piped water facility and construction of 10,000 toilets.

Loan type Cycle Tenure Amount Rate of interest LPF Insurance charges
WASH Loan 2nd cycle onwards 12 and 18 months 5000-20000  23% reducing 1.0%+GST (18%) 0.94% -12 month, 1.4% – 18 month